So you just accepted our invite to the guild! Welcome! We’re happy to have you! “But, what now?” you might ask.

1: Read the Rules!

2:  Set up Guild Chat and speak up to become a full member!

Upon joining the guild, you receive the rank of New Member. This is a temporary rank, and anyone who spends too much time there will eventually be kicked from the guild. This is to make sure everyone who accepts our invite is actually interested in being part of the guild!

Your chat box may not be set up for guild chat. Open the chat box with your ‘\’ key.  Then click the ‘+’ sign to add a new tab and click the ‘/guild’ checkbox.  This will allow you to chat with us in-game.  To chat in the guild chat, press Enter, type /g, and hit Enter again.  Then just type in the bar at the bottom of the chat!

If you have more than one guild and still want to see what we’re talking about even when not repping us, go back to that dropdown menu and click the arrow beside the “guild” selection, and click on the /g1, /g2, /g3 checkbox that corresponds to our guild in your guild panel (G).

A higher-ranking member will be able to promote you from “New Member” to “Member” upon participating in Guild Chat. If you don’t see anyone saying that you’ve been promoted, then track down an officer to get that status! (Sometimes we’re distracted by the game haha).

Here’s a generic overview of the Chat UI:

3: Take part in Guild Missions!

Every Saturday at 8:30PM EST, we run our weekly Guild Missions.  This is a great chance to get involved in the guild, interact with fellow guildies, and get loot, rare items, and guild commendations along the way.

The way missions work have changed a bit from the pre-HoT days, for the better! In general we will run an assortment of the following guild missions:

1. Guild Bounty – We’re given the names of either 1, 3, or 5 NPCs (depending on difficulty level) whom we have to track down and capture within the span of ten minutes. Each NPC has a path they frequent in a certain area. Check out’s Bounty Guide
2. Guild Puzzle – A mini-dungeon/jumping puzzle. We have to work together as a guild to go through a series of rooms to reach a big treasure chest! If you have a mesmer, definitely bring it along! All guild puzzles are in lower level areas.
3. Guild Challenge – An open-world event where we have to work together to overcome various tasks.
4. Guild Rush – My personal favorite. We are turned into an animal and have to run through an obstacle course of sorts to get to a chest at the end.
5. Guild Trek – This is one we don’t typically run during mission night, but anyone can ask an officer to activate it so you can get personal credit. It is essentially a scavenger hunt.

Our guild portal will help anyone with HoT access Puzzle, Challenge and Rush areas. Bounty, not so much since they are random. Best advice to all lower-level guildies is instead of full map completion at a given level, take the time to open as many waypoints as possible to be able to access missions easily. Then fill in the vistas, hearts, etc, later. 🙂

4:  Get on Teamspeak
Our Teamspeak 3 server is located at No password is required. Be aware of the following Teamspeak rules:

1. Please use either your main character name or your account name in teamspeak so we know who you are in-game (main character name is preferred!). Our guild is large, and it’s hard to keep track of personal names. If you are in ts and we can’t figure out who you are in-game, you can be banned.
2. Teamspeak is for guild stuff only! Anyone caught using our teamspeak for other business (playing other MMOs, playing with non-guildies, etc) can and will be kicked from the guild and IP banned from the server.
3. Please use push-to-talk only. There’s nothing more annoying than a mic that picks up everything from breathing to arguments going on in another room, and we will kick you to another channel until you change your settings
4. Be respectful

You can download the Teamspeak 3 Client at:

We are limited to 32 64 concurrent members being on teamspeak at one time, so it’s important to get on and stay on so somebody doesn’t squeeze u out   🙂

 5:  Get on Guild Forums
To get a forum account on this website, send a mail to Vooch.7298 in-game with the username, password, and email address you would like to use. (do NOT use your in-game password!) Also add a firstname/lastname as you want it to appear on the forum.
Recently, we’ve moved our forums! Sign-up for forum access at:

6:  Do things with your guildies!
If you’re going to be doing something in-game, invite your guildies along! Whether it’s a PvE event chain, map completion, dungeons, fractals, WvW with fellow server-mates, or PvP, always reach out to your guildies to see if anyone wants to join! And if someone posts looking to party for an event you’re not familiar with, ask if you can join. We love helping those new to the game!

7: Ask Questions.
If there’s something about the game you’re unfamiliar with, speak up! We love helping out new members! You can also check out our FAQ section and our GW2 Newbie Guide (currently in development).

8:  Protect the guild
If you ever see anyone in the guild being disrespectful, pleeeease notify an officer ASAP! We want this to be a fun positive place for everyone, so the less trolls and a-holes we have, the better the guild will be!