The Vooch thanks Megoichi for his service to LEET

I want all LEET members to know that The Vooch (me) would like to thank Megoichi for his service to LEET as Co-Leader.

Megoichi did a great job as Co-Leader of LEET.

Being a Co-Leader is a tough position for anyone in the position, and I think it was an especially hard time for Megoichi with the never-ending Heart of Thorns release date.

I truly appreciate Megoichi’s new ideas, and his efforts helped us in many ways. He will be missed as Co-Leader.

Megoichi will retain full membership in LEET at Officer rank if he desires.

With that said, there may be major changes in LEET, depending on the direction we go, so be prepared for change.

I will be speaking to the Officers soon, so if you’ve got some awesome sauce, bring it to the table!

Thank you,
The Vooch