State Of The LEET Speech

SWEET, SWEET LEET… This is the State of the LEET Speech!

My fellow guildies… The “Elite Dragon Chasers” Guild is stronger than ever!

(1) As a guild, LEET continues to get better. We’re making progress on shortening the onboarding time for new members. This is a time-consuming process, and I want to thank everyone that is working on this task. Yes, there are many people working on this.

I will say, “Our Recruiting Team is Fucking Awesome!”. Last month, our recruiters kept ramming us up to 500 Members DAILY! Unfortunately, this is not good.

At 500 Members, this created an UNFORESEEN PROBLEM – it has prevented our members from recruiting their friends easily. To elaborate on this, I will need to teach you a bit about guild recruiting mechanics. We can recruit 500 members but no more. Once we hit 500 members, all existing guild invitees get kicked, thus ineligible to join until reinvited again – basically, we lose all the momentum when we hit 500. Therefore, let’s actively recruit members until we hit 495 members and then stop. We know we’ll get a couple from there, and we’ll get one or two from personal invites. If we’re below 495 members, then recruiters may go “HOG WILD” again, and recruit more. If this strategy doesn’t work, we’ll readjust.

I would also like to elaborate on our membership policy. Our guild strives to maintain active membership. By this, we want those with “Member” rank to show-up (ie. login) at least once every 14 days. If someone gets kicked with “Member” rank, they should receive a mail explaining how to rejoin. We do not send mails to those with “New Member” rank, so if you’re a new member and you get kicked, simply mail The Vooch at (Vooch.7298) or Aron Shackleton at (fivestar.7830) and ask for a reinvite.

Our Recruiting policy gives preference to a former “Member” first, friends of Members, former “New Members”, then the general population.

We do reinvitations (if you take a break) because we understand reality, and we want you back! We realize everyone has a real life to live, and for some, there may be times when you have to stop gaming and get back into reality. Since your real life is more important than any game can be, I do not want you to sacrifice your real life to be part of our guild. That is why we have a Reinvitation Policy – we want you to come back when you’re ready to come back! If you got kicked and did not receive a Reinvite letter, simply mail The Vooch at (Vooch.7298) or Aron Shackleton at (fivestar.7830) and ask for a reinvite. Also, let us know if you didn’t get a “Reinvite” letter, so we can fix that problem.

Recruiting the right people for the guild is a major task. Undesirables turn to cancer, so it’s important we all weed out undesirables as quickly as possible. I will leave the definition of “undesirable” to you, but think of it this way for yourself (as Warren Buffett once suggested), “If this were on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, would your mom and dad be proud of you?” If not, move on. If it’s another guildie attacking you, either confront them, or talk to a higher-ranking member and have them join you in the confrontation. Basically, we want cool people. We don’t want drama queens. We don’t want chronic profanity speakers. Profanity is ok when it’s funny, but there becomes a limit. If there’s friction, somebody has got to go, and I know it’s not gonna be me. Much like the game, “KILL EARLY – DIE LATE”.

(2) One of our newer members, Morte Certa, suggested we expand the forum subjects on our website. I think this is a GREAT idea! Should we replicate the categories we have on our Teamspeak server (ts.elitedragonchasers.com)? Let us know by contacting an Officer in the guild!

(3) Our guild is loaded with gold, and we need to do something with it. We now have over 200 gold and 1 precursor in stock, and we can either give it back to guildies, or save it, and see what happens with the upcoming guild hall requirements.

As far as giving it out, I am thinking about doing an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) within Guild Wars 2, but doing this requires a lot of time. We are working on this, but it’s a slow, slow process. I’ve got tons of ideas, so google it, so you can learn separately from me.

One of our guildmates, Hige Whitefang, is thinking about doing a Hide and Seek in Lions Arch where everyone hides and there be a seeker. The seeker should target someone to show that they found them. Afterward, the person who is caught, helps to find other people. He says it would be interesting if people dyed their clothes the color of the seeker and hider. Like the hider would be black and the seeker red. I’ve asked Hige to post this idea on our website’s guild forums.

Another guildie, Azoqu would like a Hide and Seek where people try to find him while he’s invisible for parts of time. We’ve accomplished this task earlier this month – major kudos to Killswitch on winning 50 gold!

(4) Another of our guildies, Ern *… we’ll just call him Ern… wants us to drop one of our lesser-imporant ranks and create a “Mentor” (or “Veteran Member”) rank to help with guild tasks. I think this is a great idea because it will get more guild members involved.

We’ve talked about renaming the “Veteran Member” rank to something less confusing, such as “On Sabbatical” or “On Leave”. Currently, a “Veteran Member” is designated to those who know they will be gone a long period of time (ie. away for more than 2 weeks). We’re thinking about redefining it to mean, a person who knows WTF they’re doing in the game. I would like Officers to chime in on this, and if you’re a Member, say something to the Officers.

(5) Profanity and Discrimination. Profanity is something our guild is getting better at handling. Discrimination we haven’t talked about, since it’s not as big an issue, but both are legit topics. Profanity is great when it’s used in a colorful way to enhance written or verbal communication, such as George Carlin’s use of the F word. But, when profanity is used for personal attacks or depressing “Faaawk”, it’s simply not productive. Furthermore, our guild is full of people of all ages, socioeconomic, races, and all kinds of other backgrounds. What’s funny to you is not funny to another person, so we ask that you respect one another.

(6) We’re thinking about having a “Drunken and Disorderly” or “Dumbass” channel on teamspeak where our loved/hated folks can hang out. No decision yet.

(7) Several guildmates want the guild emblem changed. After talking to the Officers, the results were mixed. Therefore, we are not changing the guild emblem because of: (a) Tradition – Let’s continue with success; (b) Our guild emblem is probably the most-recognized one in the game, and; (c) It would take time to replace the digital assets on the websites, and it’s not worth my time doing so.


I am writing this lengthy message because we have several very important items to discuss, and I want to keep everyone in the guild informed on what’s going on in the guild.

#1 Earlier this year, I quit a high-paying full-time job, to work a lower-paying temporary job with NASA. While working for NASA is fucking awesome (notice my appropriate use of profanity), it is a temporary job, hence… there’ll be a time to move on SOON(tm).

#2 This year, I learned of a combination of web technologies, which has obsoleted many things I’ve been doing the past 15 years. Some call it, “Creative Destruction”. I call it, “Reality”. Therefore, I need to stay on-top-of-the-curve and spend my personal time learning said technologies. Unfortunately, I will not be able to play the gw2 game I love because I’ve got to focus on learning.

#3 Because of my time constraints, I’ve asked Sukiri about his time, and he’s in the same boat as me. Since the guild’s success is very important to both of us, we’ve decided together to promote Aron Shackleton to Co-Leader.

#4 Sukiri has done an awesome job with our guild. While we haven’t spoken much in months (because of time differences), he’s been around when I needed him. Thank you, Sukiri!

#5 Aron is coming into the “Co-Leader” role as the third person to do so. Our first “Co-Leader” was Lekogolo, who helped us run the guild during our early stages.

#6 Aron Shackleton (fivestar.7830) will be in charge of reinviting former members who request it. Therefore, be sure to add fivestar.7830 to your Friend’s list!

#7 Also, he will be in charge of recruiting, guild management, diplomacy, weekly guild missions, and special guild events. He will delegate tasks and authorties as he sees fit. Be sure to step up to the plate and offer your assistance to fivestar.7830 because he will need it.

#8 I will play more of a support role over the next couple months, where Aron can contact me on anything, but I want everyone helping Aron to succeed.

In the end, I think we all enjoy the awesome experience we all have together as a family. I know I love being a part of LEET!



The Vooch