Our number one goal as a guild is to provide players with a positive, fun game experience, no matter what their game style. As such, all [LEET] members must abide by in order to maintain their membership status in the guild. Anyone in violation of these rules can absolutely be kicked, with or without warning.

1. Be kind and respectful to your fellow guildies!

The best part about being in a guild is the camaraderie. Anyone who actively seeks to create a negative environment within our guild will be dealt with severely. We don’t have a problem with swearing or the occasional dirty joke, but be tasteful and considerate. 

2. Help out your fellow guildies.

Treat them better than you would random people in the game! Instead of selling dungeon paths to them, offer to run paths with them. Instead of making fun of someone who doesn’t know something in the game, teach them about it. If someone is looking for materials to craft an item and you have a surplus, offer to give them some. If someone can’t find a vista and you know where it is and aren’t busy at the moment, show them. This is the best way to foster not only a positive guild environment, but solid in-game friendships as well!

3. Be active.

We do not require 100% representation. However, we still want people to be active within the guild, so we have several measures to quell inactive members that you should be aware of to avoid getting kicked yourself for inactivity. 

Don’t be a “New Member” for too long
New Member is the rank you become upon accepting our guild invite. You get promoted to Member by speaking up in guild chat (but only if there is an officer present and available to promote you – so just speaking once isn’t always a guarantee!). You may get mail or whispers encouraging you to speak up, but if several weeks pass with no contact from you, we will kick you to make room for more active members.
Don’t go offline for 2 Weeks Or More Without Warning
Sometimes, people just get sick of GW2, and that’s okay. Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s also okay. But since we want active members, those that don’t get on much are taking up guild spots from others who may be more active. However, if you know you’re going to be gone for an extended period (vacation, military service, medical reasons, etc), let us know and we can make you an Honorary Member, which is exempt from kickings. (NOTE: Having your status set as “invisible” makes you appear to be offline to us, so if you need to be shown as invisible for personal reasons, let us know so you don’t get kicked!)
Watch out for Periodic Membership Purging
Once or twice a year, we will set everyone’s status to a special “probational” status, to see who is actually active in the guild, and who is just a silent ghost. We will be very vocal when these purgings happen so keep active to avoid the boot.
What to do if you were kicked for inactivity and want to come back:
Just send an ingame message to Vooch.7298 or melimsah.6912 and we can get you right back in.

 4. Rules Regarding Teamspeak

We have our own teamspeak server, We have special rules regarding use of this service.

1. Please use either your main character name or your account name in teamspeak so we know who you are in-game (main character name is preferred!). Our guild is large, and it’s hard to keep track of personal names. If you are in ts and we can’t figure out who you are in-game, you can be banned.
2. Teamspeak is for guild stuff only! Anyone caught using our teamspeak for other business (playing other MMOs, playing with non-guildies, etc) can and will be kicked from the guild and IP banned from the server.
3. Please use push-to-talk only. There’s nothing more annoying than a mic that picks up everything from breathing to arguments going on in another room, and we will kick you to another channel until you change your settings
4. Rule 1 applies here too – be respectful of your fellow guildies.

5. Have Fun!

Okay, we can’t kick you for not having fun…. but we want our guild to be fun, so if you have any ideas for fun things we can do as a guild, let any of the guild leaders know!