Hello there! If you’re reading this, you’ve been promoted to Recruiter! Congrats!

We do recruiting a little different here at LEET. Here are theĀ main things all recruiters need to know:

1) Anyone who accepts a guild invite starts at the rank “New Member.” This is a temporary rank, anyone who spends too much time as a New Member WILL get kicked from the guild. This is how we keep people from just accepting an invite and then falling off the face of the planet, taking up a spot from another person who might be more active.

2) New Members become Members ONLY once they speak up in guild chat. Recruiters have the power to do this promotion, just right click the symbol next to their name. You can encourage someone thru whisper to speak up, but do not give someone a promotion if they haven’t accessed the guild chat.

3) Upon promoting someone to Member, make an announcement in the guild! Say “I’ve just promoted [character name] to Member. Welcome to the guild!” This is a nice little surprise that make people feel happy to be here. Definitely a step up from just saying “Welcome!”

4) Cin Stallow is the one keeping track of New Members. Every month, she sends out mail to every single New Member telling them how to become a full Member, and she writes their names down. If they don’t get promoted within two weeks of receiving that mail, she kicks them. It’s best to keep this duty limited to one person so that New Members are not completely bombarded with messages.

5) The main way we recruit is by recruiting those who are not repping a guild. Of course you don’t have to adhere to this necessarily, but it’s what we like doing – we have found many great players this way.

If you have any questions at all, reach out to Cin, Aron or Em.