Recommended Raiding Requirements for HoT.


Stipulated below are the recommended requirements for raiding in HoT.

Please do note that these are in NO way hard requirements that determine your entry into the raid group, but are recommended based on what we currently know about the encounter.

Expression of Interest
– Expression of Interest through an In-Game Mail to Azoqu would be Compulsory.
– Mail Details should contain Main Class and Sub-Class that you are Proficient at and willing to play, as well as Personal Fractal Reward Level.
– Those who do not express their interest are assumed to be NOT interested in raids and given no priority in raid slots whatsoever.

Gear Requirements
– 1 Set of DPS Armor is Necessary (Minimum Exotic, Sinister or Berserker. Assassins allowed for some Classes).
– Ascended DPS Weapons are Necessary (Top Priority).
– Ascended DPS Accessories are Necessary.
– Expected to be Working Towards a Full Set of Ascended Gear.
– Proper runes and sigils are required (Be able to explain your choice).
– No other prefixes are allowed to be considered as DPS Gear unless specifically permitted (Talk to Azoqu or Akai)
– Alternate Gear Set Highly Recommended (Talk to Azoqu or Akai).

Knowledge Requirements
– Read Guide or Watch Videos on Bosses (Links Below)
– Demonstrate Knowledge of Class Skill Rotations (Contact Azoqu or Akai).
– Demonstrate Generic Knowledge of Dungeons and Fractals.
– Level 50 Personal Reward Level in Fractals is a very huge plus.
– Being Active in Dungeons and Fractals is also a huge plus.

Attitude and Interaction with Fellow Raiders
– Try to actively seek out Officers and Fellow Raiders for Fractals and Dungeons (Opportunity to Demonstrate Skill/Knowledge/Dedication).
– Be willing to learn, improve and constantly correct mistakes.
– Be visible. However being visible is not about constantly yelling in TS or chatting up the Raid Leaders, it is more about showing consistency in performance.

Voice Communication Software
– All Raiders MUST have TeamSpeak Installed, No TS = No Raid.
– The ability to listen in TS is crucial.
– Having a Microphone is optional, however it is recommended.
– Speaking is also optional.


Important Links to Videos and Guides
Raid Videos
Class and Gear Guides

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by Akai