LEET’s PvP Arena: Practicing and Tournament … It’s Whoop Ass Time!

Did you know LEET still owns the same PvP Arena we had for over a year now?! It’s because of the awesome generosity of our members. *hugs*

While we haven’t used it much lately, it’s time to Kick It Up a Notch!

(1) Getting into our PvP Arena is SUPER EASY! Here’s How To Do It:

a). Press the PvP (rightmost) icon in the Top Menu bar.
b). Press the “Enter PvP Lobby” button.
c). Press the PvP (rightmost) icon in the Top Menu bar AGAIN
d). Press “Game Browser” button on the left-side menu.
e). In the “Search Owner/Name” field, type “Elite Dragon Chasers”
f). Left-click on our “Elite Dragon Chasers [LEET]” room. Sometimes it’s open to the public or closed for a tournament.
g). Enjoy!

(2) NEW POLL: Which day-of-the-week should our guild dedicate to our PvP Arena?

Our guild needs to train together, so we’ve got a New Poll here on the main page of our website. Basically, we need to know which day/night we should set aside for guild PvP Arena training.

We learned on Friday night, July 2nd, that several members who got into PvP are not prepared. They didn’t know you needed to choose your weapon sigils and armor runes by clicking the icons in the top-center of the screen after you enter the Lobby. We looked bad, but we survived.

When you choose a day, our goal is to run this event, several times per day, on that day. I know there’s many members that play before and after I show up every day, so I want to make sure we spread the love around. Err… I mean, if you can cover a PvP Arena time slot (eg. Noon, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM, etc.), let me know. We’d love to start them every 3 hours on that particular day, if we can.

(3) …Therefore, we need to Practice

Sometimes guild PvP Arena events are like all-out killing. Other times, they’re 1-on-1 events where we help each other on builds or techniques.

(4) When we get great again…

The new Trait system (press H, click “Build” tab, click “Traits” tab) changes everything, so we want ALL members refocusing time on recreating their play style under the new Trait system.

Time spent together, will pay off later, especially when you’re alone.

When we’re all doing better, we’re gonna run another LEET PvP Tournament!

We are already funded to AT LEAST DOUBLE the prizes we gave away the last time!

(5) Tournament – We need one Member to help The Vooch

In order to run an Elite Dragon Chasers [LEET] Tournament, I will need someone to help The Vooch.

Running one of these events takes a lot of preparation and time in order to do it properly. You will be fully trained before the tournament is scheduled.

If you are interested in helping The Vooch run the next Tournament, let him know by mailing Vooch.7298

(6) TALK IT UP!…
Last winner of our PvP Tournament was “Eats Too Much”. I heard he changed his name and went incognito, so as to kill unsuspecting enemies.

Other interesting contenders for the upcoming PvP Tournament are Rubydl and Megoichi.

Bring out yer cans of “Whoop Ass” until our opponents say, “Bring out yer dead!”

Post Hoc:
The Vooch had such a great time writing this article, he tweeted: