Partying Our Way Through Secret Unseen Areas

NOTE: Because of the Operational Security of [LEET] regarding these guild events, the names and titles were removed to protect the innocent.

We started out at Guild Bluff Waypoint. From there, we broke our way into the Guild Registration Hall.

While inside, we took a couple awesome guild screenshots and then proceeded to have a guild banquet.



Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your view, a few of our guildies overimbibed on the Oil of Conversation +25

We drank.

We danced.

We sang.

We roamed around the area people cannot get into by normal means. Here’s a look inside (note: video degredation per guildie(s) request):


Then, we had a couple guildies show up at Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint, and we went to the top of the roof of the Grand Piazza. Once again, the views from there were awesome! And, once again, the dancing and overimbibing took place.