Hey everyone!

So,  I decided to go ahead and create a new and improved forums section for [LEET]! You can access it by going to You must register using your GW2 username (you can change it later), so we can verify it is you before we approve your membership. (This way, we wont get any random people just wandering in off the nets). To expedite the process, bug a co-leader in-game and we can hurry over and approve you right away. 😀

My main reasons for creating the boards are the following:

1) World vs World
I know many guildies would love to do WvW with other guildies, but it’s hard to keep track of who’s on what server. Now, we can make a master list of people who are in different servers, and you can also put your WvW server on your profile. This way people can buddy up with fellow server-mates!

2) Guild Events
the forums has a built-in calendar, so we can post special events on there that you can see without logging into the game. It’ll also be a place people can discuss other guild events they’d like to see us do.

3) Heart of Thorns stuff
Raids, Guild Hall claiming, and all the other changes that are coming with HoT means we will want a nice organized place to meet to discuss strategies and changes.

4) Better communication between members, especially officers and leaders
In-game mail, whispers and guild message of the days can only do so much, especially when it comes to things like discussing recruitment strategies, fixing a website or teamspeak issue, or discussing ways we want to improve the guild. The forum has ways for us co-leaders and Vooch to more easily contact officers, recruiters, and members as a whole if we need to. And no one has to be online at the same time or play in-game mail tag to do it (there is also no character limit!). It’ll also be a much easier way for a guildie to contact one of us with a problem, or if their computer dies and they can no longer access GW2, they can still contact us from any other computer to get put on honorary status.

5) Accessible Anywhere
Jumping off that point, you can access the forums anywhere and anytime. In the middle of class and bored and want to goof off on that laptop? Hop on the forums! Bored at work? Hop on the forums! Avoiding responsibilities but don’t want to GW2? Hop on the forums! It’s like out-of-game guild chat!

6) Better login and better organization
Especially right now with Vooch having to take a bit of a leave of absence from the game to focus on his new job, it was important for us to have another way for members to get registered with the forums without having to wait a day or two for access. With the new boards, not just anyone can walk off the internet and join since we have to approve every member, but you also don’t have to trust a stranger on the internet with login information, and I know that was an issue for many people. I also wanted more categories people could post in to allow people to easily find the kind of threads they’re looking for.

That’s it! If anyone has any questions or suggestions regarding the forums, either message me In-Game at melimsah.6912, or message me in the forums! 😀