New Active Membership Policy

We are going to try something a little new with the guild. For the last two years, we were recruiting with a focus on quantity, trying to have a full guild in hopes of an active guild. Anyone who was offline longer than 2 weeks would be kicked from the guild. Unfortunately, this led to us having a guild full of hundreds of people who played GW2 often, but who never ever interacted with the guild in any way.

So we’re implementing a new active membership policy. Instead of the old “New Member” and “Member” ranks, we now have Inactive Member and Active Member ranks.

At the beginning of the month, all Active Members will be put to Inactive status, and must earn their way back to Active membership. Anyone still Inactive by the end of each month (starting with October) will be kicked from the guild.

However, obtaining Active Membership isn’t as easy as talking in guild chat. Here’s some of the many many ways you can get active member status:

  • Guild Missions – We run these officially on Saturdays after reset, but if that time doesn’t work for you, talk to an officer or co-leader to learn how to run missions for others.
  • Guild Events – We are going to try to do more guild events, including a monthly lottery, so keep an eye on the Message of the Day. If you’d like to run an event, let us know!
  • Donate to the guild – Scribing materials, decorations, treasury items or gold for upgrading our guild hall. (Due to the overwhelming number of resonating slivers we have, those wont really count).
  • LFG in the guild regularly! Dungeons, fractals, PvP, world bosses, map completion, dailies, stories, home instance farm, JPs…. there’s lots of ways to get involved with other guildies!
  • Brand new to the game? It’s not always easy to do events if you’re a low level player. If your AP is below 2000, then you can obtain active membership status by asking for help and talking regularly in guild chat.
  • Help out new players. But what’s asking questions if no one answers? Our guildies tend to be very helpful, but for a guildie active membership status is by going above and beyond for new players. Showing them where to go, giving them an item or two to help.
  • Hang out in teamspeak. We have a teamspeak server with lots of channels. Any guildie is welcome to join us. Don’t be shy!

Addition to the changes in the lower ranks, we have some other ranks, both new and old that you should know:

Affiliated Member: This is reserved for those people who may be leaders or high ranking officials in other guilds, who may not have as much time to be a part of our guild as a result but are open to collaborating with our guild, either by inviting members of our guild to their events (if they’re a specialized guild), or may in the future be open to GvG type events. Talk to a Co-Leader or Leader if you’re interested in discussing an affiliation.

Elite Member: This membership rank is reserved for members who have long been active and we know and trust to care about the guild and be a part of it. If you feel you deserve this rank, please talk to Em.

Honorary Member: If you know you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time – going abroad, getting deployed, gravely ill, broken computer – tell us why and how long you think you’ll be gone. If you will be gone less than a month, try to have that active membership done before you leave and you should be golden.

Recruiters and Officers: These are both important ranks in the guild, and have more responsibility than just a regular member or an Elite Member. If you want to be more involved in the guild by helping us recruit, or by helping run events and helping out the Co-Leaders with the guild, let us know! We’re always interested in taking on new upper level members.

I know this is all new and scary, and there will likely be some tweaking done along the way. But we would love to have a guild that is active and engaging, not just a guild full of silent lurkers. Of course, we’re always up for feedback and questions so if you have any please reach out to the Leader, Em (Kweezy.7516) or any of the Co-Leaders.


“How do I find out my rank?” If you go to your guild panel (G), and go to the LEET panel while repping LEET, you should see your name at the very top. (you might have to switch away and back to the tab to see it). Hover over the icon next to your name to see your rank.

“My computer broke and I can’t get on GW2! I don’t want to get kicked for inactivity but I can’t get a computer right away.” Life happens, and we understand. If you were kicked for inactivity for very good reasons (like a broken computer, or were in the hospital, or had an emergency in the family), just send an explanation to Kweezy.7516 and we’ll get you back in.

(Any other questions you think should be here? Ask Cin (melimsah.6921) and she’ll go ahead and add it!)