Lia Felcorr and The Vooch did some Aviator’s Memory Box testing tonight

The Vooch got on guild chat and asked for someone to help with testing out a future guild event. Lia Felcorr offered to help. After asking about the highest place to drop & die in the game, the consensus got driven to the main Divinity’s Reach Bank/Trading Post, or a POI at Mount Maelstrom (in the middle of the volcano). Seeing as not every can get to Mount Maelstrom, we opted for the Divinity’s Reach area that GW2 devs like to use for hackers.

As you may know, the Aviator’s Memory Box, was a feature available on April 1, 2015, and is available for purchase in the GEM store currently.

The Vooch wants to do a guild video of everyone jumping off a cliff and having a ragtime song played at the end. There is no need to purchase the box – just showing u how it works a bit (without video).

Even though Lia didn’t own said box at the time, Lia Felcorr showed The Vooch what could be done with the Aviator’s Memory Box. “It’s amazing what our members know!”, said The Vooch.

According to Lia, when someone presses (F) to Use the Aviator’s Memory Box, the game goes into a “Post Processor Mode” whereby the special effects of: (1) arms extended; (2) aviator cap; (3) plane sound; (4) golden-tinted background, and; (5) scratchy 70s-film reel effect; all occur within the individual’s computer that used it.

The interesting thing is everyone can use it, but no one else can see anyone else using it. “Unfortunately, this means we can’t see a bunch of LEET members in a video jumping off a balcony with arms extended or aviator caps, but we can get everything else!”, said The Vooch.

Surprisingly, Lia Felcorr showed The Vooch how survive such a jump!

As a Necromancer (The Vooch’s favorite class in Guild Wars 2), Lia showed The Vooch how Necros can evoke Spectral Walk by double-left clicking it before you hit the bottom – it’ll raise u up a bit, and then you’ll drift to a slower fall.

Anyways, we’re thinking about doing a jump for a guild video for fun! What do you think?!