[LEET] Leader Nominations & State of the Guild

Hey guildies!

[LEET] has been in existence in Tyria for over 2 years now. Members have come and gone. The game has evolved a lot, for better or for worse. We’ve had awesome events, fantastic friendships, high points, low points, medium rare points, hero points.

We have come to realize that our current guild structure is falling a little short of where we need it to be to have a well-running guild. We’re immensely grateful to our founder, Vooch, for his time and dedication in setting up this guild and paving the way for it to become what it is today, but unfortunately, life has had other plans and he is no longer able to be as active as he once was.

As a result, we are going to instate a new Leader, one who is present, and who will be the ultimate say in the guild. We intend to retain the core of our ranks (co-leader, officer, recruiters, etc), but we need someone who has the guild’s best interest in mind who can have the ultimate say in what does and does not happen in this guild.

We don’t want to just have the co-leaders or whoever make that decision. We want this to be up to the guild. So, seriously serious, if there is someone in the guild – co-leader, officer, long-time member, etc – you think would be a good candidate for that spot, please, nominate them, and let us know why you think they’d be a good leader. This is srs bsns, so please refrain from casting a joke ballot. Really think about, if all hell breaks loose, who do you want steering the ship that is [LEET].

You will have until Saturday, September 3rd to send your nominations. Not everyone who is nominated may want the gig, so we will check in with anyone who gets a nod and see if they accept the nomination. After guild missions that Saturday, we will post a final poll for everyone to vote in.

In addition, we are asking that everyone give us feedback, ideas, criticism, thoughts, comments, confessions, fears, etc, in the large space we will be providing. Try to be tactful about it – don’t just go in going “so and so is a effing jerkface and I hate their guts asdfhjakshf.” Be constructive, be respectful, be honest. But also, offer solutions. We can’t know what you guildies want, what you like or dislike, what changes you would like, if you don’t let us know.

Responses will be anonymous, and you will only be able to enter once.

Click here to go to the survey!

If you have any questions, reach out to a co-leader. 🙂