LEET Guildmember Jon Von Zombie Features Guildwars 2 on his Twitch channel

After spending some time putting together his green screen, Jon Von Zombie is starting to promote his Twitch channel.

Jon Von Zombie, as you may know, is one of LEET’s newest members. He’s been streaming LEET content the past month, along with some other game streams.

Jon Von Zombie is a huge Heavy Metal lover, so he built his Twitch channel around it. “I’m a big metal fan, so I’m always telling everyone to keep it metal! Metal is an attitude and a way of life. Look up CJ the Metal Motivator on Youtube, and you’ll see why I chose to go that route.”, said Jon.

“Hallowed By Thy Game” is the name of his show. He will be launching a YouTube game review series soon with the same name.

You can check out his awesome show at:

Jon Von Zombie’s Twitch feed is usually open from 5-9 PM Central Time USA Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, it varies so check his twitter account at: . On Sunday, Jon usually takes a day of rest.