LEET Goals and Outlook for 2015

LEET Goals and Outlook for 2015

Our guild started around May 1, 2014, and we’ve had a spectacular year! My favorite event of 2014 was our PvP Tournament.

We’ve got big and exciting changes coming in 2015!


– Reassign people to our in-game mail notification process.


– Get more guild members involved in guild events. That means, showing up when they’re scheduled, or if we private message non-representers, that you drop what your doing, switch over, and come along for a fun ride.

– Get more people to lead guild events. I’ve led most of them in 2014 as I try to establish some “HOW TO” instructions. I need to get to the point where others are leading them, especially when I’m not online. So if you are interested in this, let me know!

– Get more non-representing guild members to represent the guild more often. While we still allow members to represent other guilds, getting members to represent us most often, is critical to our success.

– Get more guild members on teamspeak for guild events. If you don’t have a microphone, just listen.

– Maintaining over 100 days worth of PvP tokens in our PvP arena all the time. Thanks to everyone donating PvP Tokens recently.

– Get more News Reporters. Visica has done a wonderful job writing articles on our website. It’s refreshing when I visit the website and see new content! And, I’m sure, Visica would love more participants.

– Improve our Guild Missions page so we educate our members on how to do Guild Missions better. Writing the instructions is a time-consuming process and requires frequent revisions after learning mistakes.

– Improve the way we explain missions in guild chat and teamspeak before they begin. We do not want new members to get overwhelmed on this complex process. We want to smooth their transition into a pro.

– Improve our Tips for New Members page. Once again, it’s about smoothing the transition from newbie to pro.

– Get the forums more active. I need to be doing a better job of developing ideas on where we need to go. Forums are a great way for all of us to exchange ideas. To get a forum account on the website, send a mail to Vooch.7298 in-game with the username, password, and email address you would like to use. Also add a firstname/lastname as you want it to appear on the forum.

– Maintain 450-500 members throughout the year.

– Host more events in our PvP Arena.

– Get guild turnover to less than 30 players per week.

– Decide on whether we want a Diplomat to establish multi-guild events, such as a Tequatl World Event.

– Host our first Guild World Event, which will be Fire Elemental AND a guaranteed second boss via a Matrix Cube Key.


Our guild is about 8 months old, and we’ve experienced high turnover while we try to get the perfect mix of players.

One key strategy we use is to maintain a policy of kicking players who are inactive for 2 weeks. We do this to keep the guild active and alive. More online members means a better gaming experience. If you play during non-USA Prime Time hours, consider becoming a Recruiter to expand your time slot – contact me for more information.

There is a huge cost to those with Recruiter-and-higher rank as they sacrifice time and money for helping out the guild, so I am very grateful we have them.

Those with “Member” status that get for inactivity, receive a friendly reinvite invitation as we encourage them to rejoin us when they’re ready. We do not mind reinviting you, and if you have a play style that is outside that boundary, you can also ask to become a veteran member, which reduces your odds of being kicked and how to get back in the guild.

Please do not use sarcasm in guild chat, as it’s so often misunderstood because of visual, language, cultural, and time barriers. Always remember to respect your guildmates. Rudeness is not welcome here. Be polite and be willing to help other guildies!

One of my uncles told me about the camping rule. The goal of a person that travels through the woods and camps at a site, is obligated to leave the campsite in better condition than when they arrived. Likewise, your goal as a guild member, is to make the guild a better place for everyone.

For our older members (eg. 3+ months in the guild), I’d like for you to step-up and help new members, if you are not doing so.

At the end of December 2014, we’re starting to experience a decline in turnover as we’re starting to build a nice group of core players who login daily. Because of this, it will become important that members are Representing the guild.

At some point, we will reach a squeeze (we anticipate this occurring sometime in 2015), where it will be difficult to join the guild, and we’ll either have to start maintaining a Waiting List, or do something with non-Representers or those with New Member rank. Becoming a Member is easy – say something in guild chat and get noticed by someone with a rank above Member.

That’s it for now. Let’s make some gold in 2015!

Respectfully Yours,

The Vooch