LEET celebrates it’s First Year Anniversary

On Saturday, May 9, LEET celebrated it’s first year anniversary. A ton of members showed up and a great time was had by all.

We started at North Boats during the Tequatl event. A banquet table was setup and the drinking started early. Carameltaro had the best line of the evening with his, “u should try teq with 25 stacks of drunk :3”.

After Tequatl, members assembled at the Mystic Toilet (aka Mystic Forge) while The Vooch played a few songs. “I was using some scripts from gw2mb.com and after a couple songs, it got very difficult to walk, so we had some technical problems during the March to The Grove.”, said The Vooch.

When we arrived at The Grove, we headed over to Constellation Shelter for some guild screenshots – it’s a great place for photos because of the vibrant colors.

From there, we did a couple Bounty Hunts, a Guild Challenge, and a Guild Rush.

Then, we did a guild bank give-away. “We had a few more technical problems during this event. Too much to give away in too short a period of time, and even with 3 people doing it, we couldn’t do it properly.”, said The Vooch.

We closed out the guild celebration by taking a vista shot on the bridge and launching “Great Guild Fireworks”. Members had a great time and some commented that we should have more events like this one.