Guild HoT Release Day Contest!

UPDATE: Guild Wars 2 announced on their Twitter on Friday (before the deadline) that Heart of Thorns will be released on OCTOBER 23RD! Much sooner than most of us were expecting! So I had to shut down the contest early, and the winner is Aron Shackleton, who guessed October 18th! Congrats Aron!!

Since EVENTUALLY Arenanet has to tell us when Heart of Thorns is coming out, we’re going to have a Guild Contest! Enter ASAP for your chance to win 20 Gold!

Here’s the rules:

1. Pick the Month and Day that you think Heart of Thorns will drop. We don’t want too many people guessing the same date, so see what other guildies have guessed!.
2. Submit your answers here! Choose wisely and double check your answers! Once you’ve made your choice you cannot change it! Any double-entries will be disqualified.
3. All answers must be in no later than 4 hours after reset on Friday August 28th. (or 11:59PM EST)
4. The person that is closest to the date is the winner! You’ll receive your prize through in-game mail (so make sure your username is correct!)

Fine Print:

– You MUST be Member status or higher to qualify to win. This includes Officers, Co-Leaders and Founders (why should y’all miss out on the fun? :D)
– “Closest to the date” means you could be either over or under the date, as long as you’re closest, you win!
– We wont know the winner til Arenanet announces it, which we are hoping will be at Pax Prime this weekend. If it’s not, we might do a second contest – “Guess the date Anet finally tells us when we’re getting our expansion.” 😛
– If after the date is announced, we find that there’s one person that guessed the day before and another that guessed the day after, the winner will be the person that got closest without going over
– If more than one person guesses the winning date, they will have to split the prize.
– What is the prize?? That has yet to be determined, but it will LIKELY be some kind of gold!

If you have any questions, message Cin Stallow in-game, melimsah.6912