Guild Hall – Upgrading Guide

When we found our guild hall, it was just rundown ruins. Now, it’s…. well, it’s still mostly ruins, but we have buildings and NPCs now!

But how do we make our guild hall even better?

By upgrading it! 😀

Upgrading the Guild Hall

Each building in our guild hall has many upgrades for us to work toward. The arena has upgrades that give us additional arena obstacles we can place for battles, the tavern has buffs and guild hall music upgrades, and the market has upgrades to increase the stock of the various vendors.

How do you know what upgrades there are? Just talk to the Proprietor  at any of the buildings to see all upgrades, both unlocked and locked. They will tell you exactly what is needed to unlock a upgrade we don’t currently have.

Upgrades are unlocked using a combination of the following:

  • Guild Favor, obtained from missions
  • Aetherium, obtained from the Guild Mine
  • Guild Level or another Upgrade as prerequisite
  • Items donated to the Treasurer

The last bit is the most important – we cannot unlock upgrades unless guildies help us in gathering the necessary items to unlock.

“But I’m broke! I don’t know what half of these items are! I don’t know where to go to turn items in!”

Well, hypothetical guildie with many questions, that is what this guide is here for!

Accessing the Treasurer

This should be your first step on the road to upgrading – finding out what items we currently need for upgrades we currently are eligible to get. It sucks if you thought we needed, say, ley-line infused tools, and it turns out someone just turned a bunch in.

The treasurer is standing right next to the waypoint you come in on (Central Hollow Waypoint). 

To give items to the Treasurer, have the items in your inventory, talk to the guy, and deposit the stuff into the guild bank. If you want to split your stacks into smaller stacks (say if you want some wood for yourself to craft stuff), just click alt and drag the item elsewhere.

Accessing the Guild Bank

Some of the items for upgrading we need to make, but the materials are hard to come by. If it can’t be deposited directly to the treasurer, then deposit to the guild bank for our crafters to craft with.

The Guild Bank can be found in the Guild Hall to the east of the main waypoint. It can also be found in every major city, typically next to the bank. In Lion’s Arch, it is located outside the Guild Initiative Headquarters, by Postern Ward Waypoint.

Materials Guide

Gold is not necessary to help out the guild! Here are the items we’ve been needing a lot of lately, and how to easily obtain them:

Flax Seeds -> Linseed Oil -> Empty Kegs

This is one of the greatest ways you can help out the guild. Farm Flax Seeds for us! All it costs you is the cost of waypointing – less if you park unused toons there!

Just go to Jaka Itzel Waypoint in Verdant Brink, jump off the side, and glide allll the way to the bottom to the flax seed farm (it’ll be just a little north of the waypoint).

You can farm it on as many characters as you want, once per day! Drop the flax in the guild bank, and we can use them to make linseed oil and kegs!

If you’d rather craft linseed oil yourself, any of the main weapon/armor professions (level 400 or higher) can create it. It’s 20 flax per linseed oil.

If you want to go even further and make empty kegs, only cooks (level 400) can make it, and it costs 3 linseed oils per keg.

Coarse Sand -> Glass Mugs & Extra Coarse Sandpaper

Coarse Sand is another thing that you can farm! It comes from silky sand (10 silky sand = 1 coarse sand), which can be obtained from the following places:

  1. Silverwastes – from events, including a solid 50+ for completing Vinewraith.
  2. Drytop – the best time is during sandstorms (last 20 minutes of every hour). Kill dust mites and do events
  3. PvP – do the Maguuma Wastes track to get a few good drops of silky sand. This track is repeatable!

Drop your coarse sand in the guild bank. If you have Jewelry profession, you can go on to make glass mugs. Only our guild scribes can make extra coarse sandpaper (we’re limiting how many scribes we have since the mats are so hard to come by and needed in such large quantities).

Quartz Crystals > Charged Quartz Crystals

This one is tough – quartz crystals are hard to find, and we need a lot of them to make charged quartz crystals to then make ley-line infused tools.

1) Home Instance:
This node can be farmed once per day per account. If you don’t have your own and are unable to buy one, ask in the guild hall – there’s almost always someone online who can take you to a home instance to farm it.

2) Drytop:
There’s two nodes in the cliffs south of Prosperity Waypoint (see here:

There is also a rich quartz crystal mining node on Tier-4 maps during the sandstorm. Go to Vine Bridge Waypoint and run south east to Cragrock Palace. 10 minutes before the hour, the door will open for the Skritt Queen event. You can hug the wall to get around her without pulling aggro to get to the node behind her.

To make Charged Quartz Crystals, you must take 25 quartz crystals to a place of power (hero points) to charge. I personally find the one at Durmand Priori is easiest to get to, but if you know of any easier ones, go for it!

Ley-Line Sparks > Ley-Line Infused Tools

These are often needed on their own or to create ley-line infused tools. Unfortunately, the sparks themselves are account bound.

Sparks can be farmed from Tangled Depths inside Crystallized Supply Caches. These caches require Chak Acid, which is easiest to obtain after you get Nuhoch Language Mastery to allow you to talk to the Nuhoch vendor just west of Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint. Use the Chak Acid on Crystallized Supply Caches throughout the map. There’s always a lot around Rata Novus and west of Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint.

Ley-Line Infused Tools can be made by any weapon profession (weaponsmith, huntsman, artificer). They require ley-line sparks, charged quartz crystals

Potion of PvP Reward

These are obtained through PvP matches. Pretty simple!

Everything Else

Other items we have needed before and may need in the future include:

We’ve had everything from mithril ingots to vicious claws to molten lodestones to globs of ectoplasm to opal orbs has been needed for upgrades in the past. It’s always a good idea to glance at the treasurer and then run over to the scribe station and check out your materials storage and see what you might have a bunch of that you want to deposit.

Crafted Items:
We’ve already discussed items like ley-line tools and linseed oil, but other crafted items have included Elonian Leather Squares, Loaf of Saffron Bread, and Thick Leather Bags. Always look and see what you might be able to make.

Items Purchased From Vendors:
Sometimes items are only obtainable from vendors, whether for gold, karma, etc. Bottle of Elonian Wine, Rune of Holding, and Thermocatalytic Reagents are all examples of such items.

Items you just might have gathering dust in your bank:
These are the harder to get items: Mystic coins, Trading Post Expresses, Unidentified Dyes, etc. If you ever donate these kind of items, we will love you so much! 😀

We know that gold is hard to come by now, but if you have some to spare, any gold dropped into the Deep Cave (under Scribing And Guild Hall Upgrades) will only be used to help the guild.

That’s it for this guide! We will update this with more info as we find more farming opportunities, etc. If you ever have any questions