Guild Hall – An Overview

So, I figured it was high time we put together a handy dandy updateable guide to our Guild Hall (lovingly called the Batcave by a good number of us), including how to get to it, what is there, and some tips about how to help us get even more things for the guild hall!

How to get there

Getting to our guild hall is super duper easy! You don’t need to have Heart of Thorns, you don’t need a level 80 character. All you need to do is represent LEET, and click the button on the Guild panel (press G)

It’ll automatically drop you at the main hub of the instance! To leave the instance and return to the last place you were, just hit the same button again!

Map Overview

So what’s in the guild hall? Well, here’s a handy dandy map (current as of 12/01/2016).

Main Hub (Start Here)

Not only is this where you start in the guild hall, it’s a super important location for upgrading the guild hall.

This is also where we always meet for guild missions.

  • Central Hollow Waypoint – this is the waypoint you always enter on.
  • Treasurer – This is where you drop stuff off to upgrade the guild hall. Items must be in your inventory (not bank or materials storage).
  • Merchant – Ran out of logging axes while roaming PvE? Just come to the guild hall, buy a new ax, and just hit the button to return to where you just were!
  • Guild Bank – This is where you can drop off materials for others to make upgrade items with (since not everyone can make kegs or extra coarse sandpaper)


  • Free 24 hour Boosts! – Talk to Nathan the Bartender to grab one of the following boosts: Crafting, Map Bonus, Gathering, Karma, Magic Find, XP. Only one can be active at a time, but they are active for 24 in-game hours (meaning if you’re on an hour, then log off for a week, you still have 23 hours left in-game).
  • Guild Hall Music – Currently only Officers and above have access to this vendor, but you can hear it! Try and guess which Tyria soundtrack is playing inside the guild at any given time. 😀


  • Scribe Station (w/ Bank Access) 
    • Currently, we’re focusing on leveling up one scribe (Lacunaria), because the profession requires so many materials that are hard to get (100 flax fibers for one fricken low level thing? Are you kidding me?). Please help us level him up so we can have access to banners and decorations.
    • You can access your bank through the scribing station even if you’re not a scribe.
  • Free Harvesting Nodes
    • Behind the Workshop you can find 5 nodes to harvest. At the moment they give out lower level stuff like Green Wood and Copper Ore, but as we upgrade the guild hall we’ll have access to Ancient Wood and the like!


  • To reach the arena for the first time, enter the glowy wall behind the proprietor. 
  • Inside the arena you’ll see a waypoint, a repair station, and NPCs to talk to for each team color. They will enter you into the arena on that team.
  • The arena is PvE based, not PvP! So your PvE level and gear is what will be used (so if you’re a lvl 32 going up against a lvl 80, it was nice knowing ya!)
  • The arena can be decorated but only by certain trusted people (since it takes a long time to build the maps!) If you’re interested in being able to decorate guild arena, let us know!

Guild Portal

  • Free portal to Lion’s Arch, PvP Lobby, and any set locations for guild missions (puzzle, challenge and rush). No more having to run to the waypoints! (But still gather your waypoints for Bounty and Trek!)


  • Guild Vendor -has a rotating supply of items that can be purchased once a day with Guild Commendations. (Note: the old Guild Commendation vendor can be found in the Guild Initiative Headquarters in Lion’s Arch)
  • Decoration Vendor – decorations for our guild hall.
  • Miniature Vendor – minis exclusive to guild halls!
  • Guild Armorer and Weaponsmith – same as the old ones in Lion’s Arch

War Room

A World Vs World-centric upgrade. We literally only got it to allow us to upgrade the Arena.


This is where we mine Aetherium, which is one of the currencies used to upgrade the guild hall. It’s cool to check out but not really all that interesting to anyone but Housecarls and Co-Leaders.

Secret Passage

What’s that? A secret passage?

Where the star is on the map, just west of the Guild Portal, you’ll see a flag and a bunch of pumpkins. Climb up the pumpkins to discover a hard-to-reach area of the guild hall that is SO PRETTY YOU GUYS! Eventually we’ll upgrade the guild hall enough to be able to access that area legitimately, but for now, sneak on in and look around at the pretty pretty ruins!

That is it for this guide! Stay tuned for the next guide, which looks at upgrading the guild hall and how you can help even when you’re super broke!

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to an officer or co-leader. This guide was put together by Cin Stallow.