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Basic Guild Questions

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Basic Guild Questions

  • Why was I invited to the guild?

Unless you were brought in by a friend or directly asked a member of LEET for an invitation, it’s likely you were invited because you were not currently representing a guild. We feel that there are a lot of players out there who would like to be in a guild but are overwhelmed by the number of options out there, or are just too shy to ask to be in one. We have had much more success at finding great members by sending out cold invites and letting the quality of our guild speak for itself, rather than putting up ads in map chat and waiting for whispers. I mean – it brought you here didn’t it? 🙂

  • What are the benefits of being in a guild?

There are many! Apart from the obvious (making friends, finding people to run dungeons, fractals or PvP with, having people to ask questions or discuss game mechanics with, etc), there are other benefits unique to guilds. We now have our guild hall, where you can get buffs, access vendors and your bank (through the scribing station), and just hang out. Guild commendations from missions allows you to purchase ascended trinkets, obsidian shards, and other items from our various vendors.

  • What sort of things does your guild do?

We are mainly a PvE guild, though there is almost always someone online up for PvP, WvW, map completion, or anything else your heart desires. Quite a few members do dungeons and fractals, and we have many members who are willing to teach those who are new to elements of the game. We also run Guild Missions every Saturday, 30 minutes after reset (so 8:30pm EST).

  • Who is the leader of the guild?

Our head honcho is The Vooch. His second-in-commands are Cin (melimsah.6921), Em (Kweezy.7516) and Azoqu/Solsaria (Azoqu.####). You can contact any of them if you have questions regarding the guild. To find out more about our guild ranks, click here.

  • Do you guys require 100% rep?

No we don’t. We recognize some people have guilds just for PvP, or just for running dungeons, or just for roleplaying, and we want you to be able to enjoy the game in every way you can! But, we hope we can be your main guild for everything else. 🙂

  • What are the rules of the guild?

You can find the full rules list by clicking here, but here is the tl:dr:

  1. Be kind and respectful to your fellow guildies.
  2. Help out your fellow guildies and create a positive environment.
  3. Be active – don’t be a new member too long, don’t go offline for two weeks or more without warning us first.
  4. Teamspeak – use your character names, only use it for guild stuff, use push-to-talk.


  • Thanks to vacation/school/job, I am going to be away for more than 2 weeks. Will I get kicked?

Not if you speak to us first. We know that life gets in the way of gaming (how dare it?), so we have a special ranking, “Honorary Member”, set aside for members who come to us in advanced about their inactivity. Good excuses would be a long vacation, having to travel a lot for work or school, going on deployment, a broken computer, etc. NOTE: Going invisible also shows up as “inactive” to us, so if you must for personal reasons, let us know! And if you were unexpectedly inactive and got kicked, in-game mail either Vooch.7298 or melimsah.6912, to get back in the guild.

  • I have a friend I want to bring into this guild. How do I get them an invite?

Awesome! Just get your friend’s username (the one with the four numbers on the end), and find an officer in the guild panel to give it to. If no officer is online, mail melimsah.6912.

  • I’m having a problem with someone in the guild. Who do I talk to about it?

We absolutely do not tolerate crappy guild members.. If you see any behavior from a guildie that you feel should not be tolerated, whisper an Officer that is online immediately (sometimes we are caught up in a dungeon or something and miss things as they happen in chat). If no Officer is online, then message either Vooch.7298 or melimsah.6912 with info about the guildie (include their username rather than character name, which you can find by hovering over their name) and the incident that occurred.

  • I was kicked from the guild. Why?

There are two main ways you can get kicked from the guild. One is that you were beyond inappropriate or creating a negative experience for your fellow guildies and were kicked either with or without warning. You will not be welcomed back if that was the case. But, if you were a respectful guild member, you were most likely kicked for being inactive from the game too long. Usually we send in-game mail to those we kick informing them of how to return to the guild, but sometimes the mail doesn’t go through or we forget. If you were kicked for inactivity and would like to be brought back in, please message Vooch.7298 or melimsah.6912 and they can help get you back in.

  • What is a Taxi?

When someone asks for a Taxi, usually a Teq Taxi, that means they are looking to party with someone on a map to be able to join them on their map instance (in this case, Tequatl). To taxi on someone, you have to be in the same area (Sparkfly Fen for Tequatl). Join their party, right click their name, and click “Join in [Area Name]”. If their instance is full, keep trying!

  • How can I become an officer in the guild?

To become a recruiter or officer, you must have been active in the guild for a decent amount of time, including becoming a Veteran Member (which is obtained through guild missions and guild events). We are always eager to have recruiters and officers, and never know when someone is interested, so if you are definitely reach out to Cin or Em!

  • How do I access the guild hall?

Easy peasy! Go to your guild panel (G), click on Elite Dragon Chasers if you’re not currently repping us, and click on the “Guild Hall” button in the top right corner of the panel, and it’ll transport you there for free! When you’re done there, hit the same button (which will now say “Leave Hall”) to go back to the very spot you were standing in when you left. (Pro tip: this is a great way to get harvesting tools when you run out while running around Tyria!).

Guild Missions – Teamspeak – Website

  • What are guild missions?

We do guild missions every Saturday at 8:30PM EST. Guild missions are a set of randomized challenges that we can do as a guild to earn influence, merits and commendations. Influence and merits is how the guild pays for its buffs and perks for its members, while commendations is a currency players can use at the Guild Vendor to get items such as ascended trinkets, heroes banners, etc. We love teaching new members how to do guild missions, so don’t be shy about joining us! We’ll help you out. You can find more specifics on the types of guild missions by visiting the Guild Wars 2 Wiki

  • My character is below level 80. Can I still do missions?

The most important thing for guild missions is waypoints. The more waypoints you have, the more likely you’ll be able to take part. However, there’s occasionally missions that happen on level 80 maps that you won’t be able to reach, but we don’t have control over what we’re assigned. But while waiting for the next mission to start, you can go get some more waypoints and experience!

  • What is teamspeak and how can I use it?

Teamspeak, or ts/ts3, is a voice chat service we use for guild missions, dungeon runs, or just hanging out. To access ours, download and install teamspeak by going here: Once it’s installed, just connect to, use your character name or GW2 username, and you’re in!

  • I don’t have a microphone, or I’m shy. Do I have to use teamspeak?

We often use teamspeak during guild missions or dungeon runs, and we highly recommend new players utilize it if they want to take part in these events. It makes it WAY easier to explain what to do – it’s hard to type stuff out while you’re trying not to die! You don’t necessarily have to be able to talk back verbally to be able to benefit from teamspeak – you can always just listen to instructions and respond or ask questions through party/guild chat.

  • How do I set up guild chat?

Open the chat box with your ‘\’ key. Then click the ‘+’ sign to add a new tab and click the ‘/guild’ checkbox. This will allow you to chat with us in-game. To chat in the guild chat, press Enter, type /g, and hit Enter again. Then just type in the bar at the bottom of the chat!
A higher-ranking member will be able to promote you from “New Member” to “Member” upon participating in Guild Chat.

  • How can I use the website’s forums?

To get a forum account on this website, send a mail to Vooch.7298 in-game with the username, password, and email address you would like to use. Also add a firstname/lastname as you want it to appear on the forum.

This list was lovingly crafted by Cin Stallow. If your question seems frequent enough to deserve a place here, message her in-game, melimsah.6912. Please do not update this without permission – it has a lot of code and WordPress loves to mess it up.