Eats Toomuch wins LEET PvP Tournament

Eats Toomuch won a hard fought battle today against King Luscius to win LEET’s PvP Tournament and walked away with 32 gold. After winning the gold, Eats Toomuch bought PvP tokens (2 gold each) and donated them back to the guild.

After the event, Eats Toomuch said, “It was a lot of fun. I’m grateful for the guys that participated. They showed a lot of respect for each other and it was a great team-building experience.”

“I really enjoyed the tournament.”, remarked King Lusicus, the 2nd place winner who took home 16 gold.

Grim Moss, tournament manager of the event, “I think that it went very smooth for the first time and it will only get better.”

“The tounament took 2.5 hours. Lots of guildies attended and we had a great day of killing!”, said The Vooch, leader of Elite Dragon Chasers [LEET].

Elite Dragon Chasers [LEET] is a multi-world guild in Guild Wars 2.

Their website is at: http://www.EliteDragonChasers.com