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2016 LEET Halloween Costume Contest!

OKAY ENTRIES HAVE BEEN MADE! Sorry for the huuuuge lag between the end of the contest and this poll – Cin got unreasonably busy, and then horrendously sick. >__< and she stupidly made this a thing only she could do bah!

So without further ado, here are our entries, in no particular order!

1) SpacePiano

“I am Reptile, You must Find me Alone to beat me! 10,000,000 Points if you destroy me, but You Cannot Match my Speed, and Blocking will get you Nowhere.”

Look to La Luna
Look to La Luna


2) Von

“Rin Tohsaka, badass mage from FateStayNight Unlimited Blade Works. She fights to win the Holy Grail with her servant Archer.”

A little R&R Rin sitting in our lovely Guild Hall Libery
A little R&R Rin sitting in our lovely Guild Hall Libery
Rin Tohsaka Rin Tosaka from FateStayNight: Unlimited Blade Works
Rin Tohsaka from FateStayNight: Unlimited Blade Works
Rin must summon her familiar to aid her in her goal to attain the Holy Grail!
Rin must summon her familiar to aid her in her goal to attain the Holy Grail!

3) Kenshin

“Fire, fire, more fire!”

4) Munin

“MIDGEMAX! Something something WITNESS HERRRR!”

5) Cin

“Disney’s Hipster Jasmine just can’t even right now.”

She’s so sick of the desert and is thinking of taking a year off to go backpacking around Tyria.
Magic carpets have zero carbon emissions. And they're not mainstream like GLIDERS are.
Magic carpets are so majestic, and not mainstream like GLIDERS are.
“Tigers are awesome, but mine deserved freedom so I released Raja to the wild.”

6) Riamea

“Bear Girl was a bear. Kind of a dork but didn’t care. Her buddy didn’t really want to be there. Yeah! Bear Girl!”

Bear Girl Dances
Bear Girl Waves
Bear Girl Poses

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New Active Membership Policy

We are going to try something a little new with the guild. For the last two years, we were recruiting with a focus on quantity, trying to have a full guild in hopes of an active guild. Anyone who was offline longer than 2 weeks would be kicked from the guild. Unfortunately, this led to us having a guild full of hundreds of people who played GW2 often, but who never ever interacted with the guild in any way.

So we’re implementing a new active membership policy. Instead of the old “New Member” and “Member” ranks, we now have Inactive Member and Active Member ranks.

At the beginning of the month, all Active Members will be put to Inactive status, and must earn their way back to Active membership. Anyone still Inactive by the end of each month (starting with October) will be kicked from the guild.

However, obtaining Active Membership isn’t as easy as talking in guild chat. Here’s some of the many many ways you can get active member status:

  • Guild Missions – We run these officially on Saturdays after reset, but if that time doesn’t work for you, talk to an officer or co-leader to learn how to run missions for others.
  • Guild Events – We are going to try to do more guild events, including a monthly lottery, so keep an eye on the Message of the Day. If you’d like to run an event, let us know!
  • Donate to the guild – Scribing materials, decorations, treasury items or gold for upgrading our guild hall. (Due to the overwhelming number of resonating slivers we have, those wont really count).
  • LFG in the guild regularly! Dungeons, fractals, PvP, world bosses, map completion, dailies, stories, home instance farm, JPs…. there’s lots of ways to get involved with other guildies!
  • Brand new to the game? It’s not always easy to do events if you’re a low level player. If your AP is below 2000, then you can obtain active membership status by asking for help and talking regularly in guild chat.
  • Help out new players. But what’s asking questions if no one answers? Our guildies tend to be very helpful, but for a guildie active membership status is by going above and beyond for new players. Showing them where to go, giving them an item or two to help.
  • Hang out in teamspeak. We have a teamspeak server with lots of channels. Any guildie is welcome to join us. Don’t be shy!

Addition to the changes in the lower ranks, we have some other ranks, both new and old that you should know:

Affiliated Member: This is reserved for those people who may be leaders or high ranking officials in other guilds, who may not have as much time to be a part of our guild as a result but are open to collaborating with our guild, either by inviting members of our guild to their events (if they’re a specialized guild), or may in the future be open to GvG type events. Talk to a Co-Leader or Leader if you’re interested in discussing an affiliation.

Elite Member: This membership rank is reserved for members who have long been active and we know and trust to care about the guild and be a part of it. If you feel you deserve this rank, please talk to Em.

Honorary Member: If you know you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time – going abroad, getting deployed, gravely ill, broken computer – tell us why and how long you think you’ll be gone. If you will be gone less than a month, try to have that active membership done before you leave and you should be golden.

Recruiters and Officers: These are both important ranks in the guild, and have more responsibility than just a regular member or an Elite Member. If you want to be more involved in the guild by helping us recruit, or by helping run events and helping out the Co-Leaders with the guild, let us know! We’re always interested in taking on new upper level members.

I know this is all new and scary, and there will likely be some tweaking done along the way. But we would love to have a guild that is active and engaging, not just a guild full of silent lurkers. Of course, we’re always up for feedback and questions so if you have any please reach out to the Leader, Em (Kweezy.7516) or any of the Co-Leaders.


“How do I find out my rank?” If you go to your guild panel (G), and go to the LEET panel while repping LEET, you should see your name at the very top. (you might have to switch away and back to the tab to see it). Hover over the icon next to your name to see your rank.

“My computer broke and I can’t get on GW2! I don’t want to get kicked for inactivity but I can’t get a computer right away.” Life happens, and we understand. If you were kicked for inactivity for very good reasons (like a broken computer, or were in the hospital, or had an emergency in the family), just send an explanation to Kweezy.7516 and we’ll get you back in.

(Any other questions you think should be here? Ask Cin (melimsah.6921) and she’ll go ahead and add it!)

[LEET] Leader Nominations & State of the Guild

Hey guildies!

[LEET] has been in existence in Tyria for over 2 years now. Members have come and gone. The game has evolved a lot, for better or for worse. We’ve had awesome events, fantastic friendships, high points, low points, medium rare points, hero points.

We have come to realize that our current guild structure is falling a little short of where we need it to be to have a well-running guild. We’re immensely grateful to our founder, Vooch, for his time and dedication in setting up this guild and paving the way for it to become what it is today, but unfortunately, life has had other plans and he is no longer able to be as active as he once was.

As a result, we are going to instate a new Leader, one who is present, and who will be the ultimate say in the guild. We intend to retain the core of our ranks (co-leader, officer, recruiters, etc), but we need someone who has the guild’s best interest in mind who can have the ultimate say in what does and does not happen in this guild.

We don’t want to just have the co-leaders or whoever make that decision. We want this to be up to the guild. So, seriously serious, if there is someone in the guild – co-leader, officer, long-time member, etc – you think would be a good candidate for that spot, please, nominate them, and let us know why you think they’d be a good leader. This is srs bsns, so please refrain from casting a joke ballot. Really think about, if all hell breaks loose, who do you want steering the ship that is [LEET].

You will have until Saturday, September 3rd to send your nominations. Not everyone who is nominated may want the gig, so we will check in with anyone who gets a nod and see if they accept the nomination. After guild missions that Saturday, we will post a final poll for everyone to vote in.

In addition, we are asking that everyone give us feedback, ideas, criticism, thoughts, comments, confessions, fears, etc, in the large space we will be providing. Try to be tactful about it – don’t just go in going “so and so is a effing jerkface and I hate their guts asdfhjakshf.” Be constructive, be respectful, be honest. But also, offer solutions. We can’t know what you guildies want, what you like or dislike, what changes you would like, if you don’t let us know.

Responses will be anonymous, and you will only be able to enter once.

Click here to go to the survey!

If you have any questions, reach out to a co-leader. 🙂

Guild Hall – Upgrading Guide

When we found our guild hall, it was just rundown ruins. Now, it’s…. well, it’s still mostly ruins, but we have buildings and NPCs now!

But how do we make our guild hall even better?

By upgrading it! 😀

Upgrading the Guild Hall

Each building in our guild hall has many upgrades for us to work toward. The arena has upgrades that give us additional arena obstacles we can place for battles, the tavern has buffs and guild hall music upgrades, and the market has upgrades to increase the stock of the various vendors.

How do you know what upgrades there are? Just talk to the Proprietor  at any of the buildings to see all upgrades, both unlocked and locked. They will tell you exactly what is needed to unlock a upgrade we don’t currently have.

Upgrades are unlocked using a combination of the following:

  • Guild Favor, obtained from missions
  • Aetherium, obtained from the Guild Mine
  • Guild Level or another Upgrade as prerequisite
  • Items donated to the Treasurer

The last bit is the most important – we cannot unlock upgrades unless guildies help us in gathering the necessary items to unlock.

“But I’m broke! I don’t know what half of these items are! I don’t know where to go to turn items in!”

Well, hypothetical guildie with many questions, that is what this guide is here for!

Accessing the Treasurer

This should be your first step on the road to upgrading – finding out what items we currently need for upgrades we currently are eligible to get. It sucks if you thought we needed, say, ley-line infused tools, and it turns out someone just turned a bunch in.

The treasurer is standing right next to the waypoint you come in on (Central Hollow Waypoint). 

To give items to the Treasurer, have the items in your inventory, talk to the guy, and deposit the stuff into the guild bank. If you want to split your stacks into smaller stacks (say if you want some wood for yourself to craft stuff), just click alt and drag the item elsewhere.

Accessing the Guild Bank

Some of the items for upgrading we need to make, but the materials are hard to come by. If it can’t be deposited directly to the treasurer, then deposit to the guild bank for our crafters to craft with.

The Guild Bank can be found in the Guild Hall to the east of the main waypoint. It can also be found in every major city, typically next to the bank. In Lion’s Arch, it is located outside the Guild Initiative Headquarters, by Postern Ward Waypoint.

Materials Guide

Gold is not necessary to help out the guild! Here are the items we’ve been needing a lot of lately, and how to easily obtain them:

Flax Seeds -> Linseed Oil -> Empty Kegs

This is one of the greatest ways you can help out the guild. Farm Flax Seeds for us! All it costs you is the cost of waypointing – less if you park unused toons there!

Just go to Jaka Itzel Waypoint in Verdant Brink, jump off the side, and glide allll the way to the bottom to the flax seed farm (it’ll be just a little north of the waypoint).

You can farm it on as many characters as you want, once per day! Drop the flax in the guild bank, and we can use them to make linseed oil and kegs!

If you’d rather craft linseed oil yourself, any of the main weapon/armor professions (level 400 or higher) can create it. It’s 20 flax per linseed oil.

If you want to go even further and make empty kegs, only cooks (level 400) can make it, and it costs 3 linseed oils per keg.

Coarse Sand -> Glass Mugs & Extra Coarse Sandpaper

Coarse Sand is another thing that you can farm! It comes from silky sand (10 silky sand = 1 coarse sand), which can be obtained from the following places:

  1. Silverwastes – from events, including a solid 50+ for completing Vinewraith.
  2. Drytop – the best time is during sandstorms (last 20 minutes of every hour). Kill dust mites and do events
  3. PvP – do the Maguuma Wastes track to get a few good drops of silky sand. This track is repeatable!

Drop your coarse sand in the guild bank. If you have Jewelry profession, you can go on to make glass mugs. Only our guild scribes can make extra coarse sandpaper (we’re limiting how many scribes we have since the mats are so hard to come by and needed in such large quantities).

Quartz Crystals > Charged Quartz Crystals

This one is tough – quartz crystals are hard to find, and we need a lot of them to make charged quartz crystals to then make ley-line infused tools.

1) Home Instance:
This node can be farmed once per day per account. If you don’t have your own and are unable to buy one, ask in the guild hall – there’s almost always someone online who can take you to a home instance to farm it.

2) Drytop:
There’s two nodes in the cliffs south of Prosperity Waypoint (see here:

There is also a rich quartz crystal mining node on Tier-4 maps during the sandstorm. Go to Vine Bridge Waypoint and run south east to Cragrock Palace. 10 minutes before the hour, the door will open for the Skritt Queen event. You can hug the wall to get around her without pulling aggro to get to the node behind her.

To make Charged Quartz Crystals, you must take 25 quartz crystals to a place of power (hero points) to charge. I personally find the one at Durmand Priori is easiest to get to, but if you know of any easier ones, go for it!

Ley-Line Sparks > Ley-Line Infused Tools

These are often needed on their own or to create ley-line infused tools. Unfortunately, the sparks themselves are account bound.

Sparks can be farmed from Tangled Depths inside Crystallized Supply Caches. These caches require Chak Acid, which is easiest to obtain after you get Nuhoch Language Mastery to allow you to talk to the Nuhoch vendor just west of Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint. Use the Chak Acid on Crystallized Supply Caches throughout the map. There’s always a lot around Rata Novus and west of Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint.

Ley-Line Infused Tools can be made by any weapon profession (weaponsmith, huntsman, artificer). They require ley-line sparks, charged quartz crystals

Potion of PvP Reward

These are obtained through PvP matches. Pretty simple!

Everything Else

Other items we have needed before and may need in the future include:

We’ve had everything from mithril ingots to vicious claws to molten lodestones to globs of ectoplasm to opal orbs has been needed for upgrades in the past. It’s always a good idea to glance at the treasurer and then run over to the scribe station and check out your materials storage and see what you might have a bunch of that you want to deposit.

Crafted Items:
We’ve already discussed items like ley-line tools and linseed oil, but other crafted items have included Elonian Leather Squares, Loaf of Saffron Bread, and Thick Leather Bags. Always look and see what you might be able to make.

Items Purchased From Vendors:
Sometimes items are only obtainable from vendors, whether for gold, karma, etc. Bottle of Elonian Wine, Rune of Holding, and Thermocatalytic Reagents are all examples of such items.

Items you just might have gathering dust in your bank:
These are the harder to get items: Mystic coins, Trading Post Expresses, Unidentified Dyes, etc. If you ever donate these kind of items, we will love you so much! 😀

We know that gold is hard to come by now, but if you have some to spare, any gold dropped into the Deep Cave (under Scribing And Guild Hall Upgrades) will only be used to help the guild.

That’s it for this guide! We will update this with more info as we find more farming opportunities, etc. If you ever have any questions




Guild Hall – An Overview

So, I figured it was high time we put together a handy dandy updateable guide to our Guild Hall (lovingly called the Batcave by a good number of us), including how to get to it, what is there, and some tips about how to help us get even more things for the guild hall!

How to get there

Getting to our guild hall is super duper easy! You don’t need to have Heart of Thorns, you don’t need a level 80 character. All you need to do is represent LEET, and click the button on the Guild panel (press G)

It’ll automatically drop you at the main hub of the instance! To leave the instance and return to the last place you were, just hit the same button again!

Map Overview

So what’s in the guild hall? Well, here’s a handy dandy map (current as of 12/01/2016).

Main Hub (Start Here)

Not only is this where you start in the guild hall, it’s a super important location for upgrading the guild hall.

This is also where we always meet for guild missions.

  • Central Hollow Waypoint – this is the waypoint you always enter on.
  • Treasurer – This is where you drop stuff off to upgrade the guild hall. Items must be in your inventory (not bank or materials storage).
  • Merchant – Ran out of logging axes while roaming PvE? Just come to the guild hall, buy a new ax, and just hit the button to return to where you just were!
  • Guild Bank – This is where you can drop off materials for others to make upgrade items with (since not everyone can make kegs or extra coarse sandpaper)


  • Free 24 hour Boosts! – Talk to Nathan the Bartender to grab one of the following boosts: Crafting, Map Bonus, Gathering, Karma, Magic Find, XP. Only one can be active at a time, but they are active for 24 in-game hours (meaning if you’re on an hour, then log off for a week, you still have 23 hours left in-game).
  • Guild Hall Music – Currently only Officers and above have access to this vendor, but you can hear it! Try and guess which Tyria soundtrack is playing inside the guild at any given time. 😀


  • Scribe Station (w/ Bank Access) 
    • Currently, we’re focusing on leveling up one scribe (Lacunaria), because the profession requires so many materials that are hard to get (100 flax fibers for one fricken low level thing? Are you kidding me?). Please help us level him up so we can have access to banners and decorations.
    • You can access your bank through the scribing station even if you’re not a scribe.
  • Free Harvesting Nodes
    • Behind the Workshop you can find 5 nodes to harvest. At the moment they give out lower level stuff like Green Wood and Copper Ore, but as we upgrade the guild hall we’ll have access to Ancient Wood and the like!


  • To reach the arena for the first time, enter the glowy wall behind the proprietor. 
  • Inside the arena you’ll see a waypoint, a repair station, and NPCs to talk to for each team color. They will enter you into the arena on that team.
  • The arena is PvE based, not PvP! So your PvE level and gear is what will be used (so if you’re a lvl 32 going up against a lvl 80, it was nice knowing ya!)
  • The arena can be decorated but only by certain trusted people (since it takes a long time to build the maps!) If you’re interested in being able to decorate guild arena, let us know!

Guild Portal

  • Free portal to Lion’s Arch, PvP Lobby, and any set locations for guild missions (puzzle, challenge and rush). No more having to run to the waypoints! (But still gather your waypoints for Bounty and Trek!)


  • Guild Vendor -has a rotating supply of items that can be purchased once a day with Guild Commendations. (Note: the old Guild Commendation vendor can be found in the Guild Initiative Headquarters in Lion’s Arch)
  • Decoration Vendor – decorations for our guild hall.
  • Miniature Vendor – minis exclusive to guild halls!
  • Guild Armorer and Weaponsmith – same as the old ones in Lion’s Arch

War Room

A World Vs World-centric upgrade. We literally only got it to allow us to upgrade the Arena.


This is where we mine Aetherium, which is one of the currencies used to upgrade the guild hall. It’s cool to check out but not really all that interesting to anyone but Housecarls and Co-Leaders.

Secret Passage

What’s that? A secret passage?

Where the star is on the map, just west of the Guild Portal, you’ll see a flag and a bunch of pumpkins. Climb up the pumpkins to discover a hard-to-reach area of the guild hall that is SO PRETTY YOU GUYS! Eventually we’ll upgrade the guild hall enough to be able to access that area legitimately, but for now, sneak on in and look around at the pretty pretty ruins!

That is it for this guide! Stay tuned for the next guide, which looks at upgrading the guild hall and how you can help even when you’re super broke!

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to an officer or co-leader. This guide was put together by Cin Stallow.

Halloween Contest – Pick The Winners!!

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Hey everyone!

So,  I decided to go ahead and create a new and improved forums section for [LEET]! You can access it by going to You must register using your GW2 username (you can change it later), so we can verify it is you before we approve your membership. (This way, we wont get any random people just wandering in off the nets). To expedite the process, bug a co-leader in-game and we can hurry over and approve you right away. 😀

My main reasons for creating the boards are the following:

1) World vs World
I know many guildies would love to do WvW with other guildies, but it’s hard to keep track of who’s on what server. Now, we can make a master list of people who are in different servers, and you can also put your WvW server on your profile. This way people can buddy up with fellow server-mates!

2) Guild Events
the forums has a built-in calendar, so we can post special events on there that you can see without logging into the game. It’ll also be a place people can discuss other guild events they’d like to see us do.

3) Heart of Thorns stuff
Raids, Guild Hall claiming, and all the other changes that are coming with HoT means we will want a nice organized place to meet to discuss strategies and changes.

4) Better communication between members, especially officers and leaders
In-game mail, whispers and guild message of the days can only do so much, especially when it comes to things like discussing recruitment strategies, fixing a website or teamspeak issue, or discussing ways we want to improve the guild. The forum has ways for us co-leaders and Vooch to more easily contact officers, recruiters, and members as a whole if we need to. And no one has to be online at the same time or play in-game mail tag to do it (there is also no character limit!). It’ll also be a much easier way for a guildie to contact one of us with a problem, or if their computer dies and they can no longer access GW2, they can still contact us from any other computer to get put on honorary status.

5) Accessible Anywhere
Jumping off that point, you can access the forums anywhere and anytime. In the middle of class and bored and want to goof off on that laptop? Hop on the forums! Bored at work? Hop on the forums! Avoiding responsibilities but don’t want to GW2? Hop on the forums! It’s like out-of-game guild chat!

6) Better login and better organization
Especially right now with Vooch having to take a bit of a leave of absence from the game to focus on his new job, it was important for us to have another way for members to get registered with the forums without having to wait a day or two for access. With the new boards, not just anyone can walk off the internet and join since we have to approve every member, but you also don’t have to trust a stranger on the internet with login information, and I know that was an issue for many people. I also wanted more categories people could post in to allow people to easily find the kind of threads they’re looking for.

That’s it! If anyone has any questions or suggestions regarding the forums, either message me In-Game at melimsah.6912, or message me in the forums! 😀


Guild Raids Are Coming!

This message is brought to you by Azoqu:

RAID WARNING: If you are interested in raids, and getting that sweet, sweet legendary armor, the time has come to prepare. Practice hard dungeons like Aetherpath and Arah, level up that fractal level, and get ascended berserker armor. Having a defensive set of armor (nomads, clerics, soldiers, knights) as well as filler pieces are a must for the first night of raiding coming in a few months. Working on getting stacks of defensive and offensive food and oils is also a great idea. Talk to Azoqu or Aron for tips to get prepared.

Team Speak will be a requirement to raid. If you don’t have it you will not be invited to the group. A thick skin is also a good thing to have.

Guild HoT Release Day Contest!

UPDATE: Guild Wars 2 announced on their Twitter on Friday (before the deadline) that Heart of Thorns will be released on OCTOBER 23RD! Much sooner than most of us were expecting! So I had to shut down the contest early, and the winner is Aron Shackleton, who guessed October 18th! Congrats Aron!!

Since EVENTUALLY Arenanet has to tell us when Heart of Thorns is coming out, we’re going to have a Guild Contest! Enter ASAP for your chance to win 20 Gold!

Here’s the rules:

1. Pick the Month and Day that you think Heart of Thorns will drop. We don’t want too many people guessing the same date, so see what other guildies have guessed!.
2. Submit your answers here! Choose wisely and double check your answers! Once you’ve made your choice you cannot change it! Any double-entries will be disqualified.
3. All answers must be in no later than 4 hours after reset on Friday August 28th. (or 11:59PM EST)
4. The person that is closest to the date is the winner! You’ll receive your prize through in-game mail (so make sure your username is correct!)

Fine Print:

– You MUST be Member status or higher to qualify to win. This includes Officers, Co-Leaders and Founders (why should y’all miss out on the fun? :D)
– “Closest to the date” means you could be either over or under the date, as long as you’re closest, you win!
– We wont know the winner til Arenanet announces it, which we are hoping will be at Pax Prime this weekend. If it’s not, we might do a second contest – “Guess the date Anet finally tells us when we’re getting our expansion.” 😛
– If after the date is announced, we find that there’s one person that guessed the day before and another that guessed the day after, the winner will be the person that got closest without going over
– If more than one person guesses the winning date, they will have to split the prize.
– What is the prize?? That has yet to be determined, but it will LIKELY be some kind of gold!

If you have any questions, message Cin Stallow in-game, melimsah.6912