In Guildwars2, The Vooch was a member of DygitalKnights until it disbanded.  Tired of being in a <20-member guild, The Vooch thought, “Bah!”:  BIG, ACTIVE, AND HILARIOUS!

Elite Dragon Chasers (LEET) was built upon the premise of having a large, active, and fun guild whose members were around to help one another any time one asks.  Want to go in a Dungeon?  Yes!!!  Want to go do Map completion?  Yes!!!  Want to do World boss runs?  Yes!!!

LEET is derived from the word Elite, which means, “persons of the highest class”.

In other MMOs, The Vooch ran organizations in EVE Online, Evony, and Ultima Online.  Before that, The Vooch was an avid console gamer.  As early as 1976, The Vooch was playing with Wonder Wizard (an innovation of Pong), and later with Atari 2600, and Commodore 64…  TO BE CONTINUED.