Rhendak The Crazed

4/4 – LEET Guildies Party-Up to “Save Drytop” from Rhendak the Crazed – 65 Gold in Prizes Awarded

Tonight, we got word from Drytop, that he was stuck within the gates where Rhendak the Crazed lived.

So, we partied up, and brought over SEVERAL FLEETS OF LEETS to rescue our guildie, Drytop.

Getting there was difficult. For some, it took an hour. Basically, you had to complete the meta-events at:

And then, if you survive, you get to fight Rhendak the Crazed:

The Lucky Ones can get the “Chalice of Rhendak” tonight, which Drytop was able to obtain tonight.

All in all, it was another successful night for the guild.

Guildies that partook in tonight’s 5 gold award were:

Aesthete Lionheart
Trion Crystalforge
Beyond One
Sonya Everfrost
Em Birch
Aron Shackleton
Princess Ale
X Veldrik X
The Death Awakener
The Vooch (no reward)

We asked Drytop for a comment, and he said, “I thank everybody for their help tonight! It was a lot of fun! I would like to invite all guild members to come to my home instance sometime (because I have a lot of items to get). Just ask.”