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LEET’s PvP Arena Now Gives Rewards

Akai suggested we restart progession for our guild’s PVP Arena, so I changed the time from 5 to 10 minutes and it’s done.

Because of this change, we now give rewards at the expense of restarts during training sessions. This is probably a good move, but we’ll see what the membership thinks.

The image shows the current settings:



Our Teamspeak License was upgraded to 64 Members

After a lengthy review, our Teamspeak License was upgraded to 64 members due to the generous donation by Aron Shackleton.

The Co-Leaders have desired over 32 members (beyond our free license) for over a month, because our guild generates such a huge demand of participation.

I’ve looked at Teamspeak’s NPL license (we are ineligible). I’ve looked at Mumble (our Co-Leaders didn’t want it).

In the end, the transition was smooth and it worked. There’s also zero changes for everyone to do, which is even better.

I know I cannot always be around for guild events because of business and/or personal reasons, but I am there in spirit. Attending guild missions is the best way to obtain guild commendations!


The Vooch


To: Urmumskitty Dodo and anyone interested about our forums

Sorry I deleted your in-game mail before I sent my response. Since I deleted your response accidentally, I’m posting it here…

I am also sorry to hear about your problems with our forums. I can understand your pain since I’m also learning the improved changes our awesome Co-Leaders are making. They made this decision to improve functionality.

Our Co-Leaders moved the forums from our main website to another location at:

I trust and rely on the decisions the co-leaders and officers make. So far, they’ve made awesome decisions to the betterment of the guild.

Thank you,
The Vooch


Raiding Plans in HoT.

After the intentional shake-up which was the posting of the Raid Requirements on the Guild Site and Forums, now is the time for LEET to reveal our raid plans for the expansion.


Being Inclusive

Raiding with LEET is about being inclusive. We plan to include as many people as we can into our guild raids.

An ideal vision would be that if we had 300 people in the guild, we would have 30 raid groups, so everyone could enjoy the benefits that come with raiding (Read: Legendary™ Armor).



However, this in itself is quite a tall task, as the effort required to properly plan and organize these raids would be immense.



I would thus reveal a raiding system that we plan to introduce to the guild once raids arrive.

It is a relatively unsophisticated system which aims to disseminate raiding information and boss strategies using a ‘learning and teaching’ technique.

Hopefully, this system would enable a large number of people to properly learn and attempt raid bosses, with less pressure and workload being put on a few individuals.



The chart below (made using MsPaint, /stares at Cin) would help depict this system:


LEET Raid Plan



For this example, we would be using the fictional character, Sam.
Sam would be going to both the [Learning Raids] and [Teaching Raids].



During [Learning Raid] Days, Sam would be joining the Learning Raid to attempt new bosses and formulate strategies on how to defeat those bosses.

Do note that during [Learning Raids], Sam and his raid would most likely be spending hours dying repeatedly to new bosses in order to figure out boss mechanics and create a strategy that (hopefully) helps defeat the new encounter.



On the days where Sam does not need to attend [Learning Raids], Sam would help to organize [Teaching Raids].

During [Teaching Raid] Days, Sam would lead other raid groups to pass on the knowledge and strategies he accumulated from the Learning Raids to the people in the [Teaching Raid].

This should help the raid groups down bosses efficiently and thus attain their Legendary™ Gear.

Ideally, there would be multiple [Teaching Raids] spread throughout multiple time zones to accommodate the global nature of our guild.

So for example, if Sam is usually active during Oceanic after-work hours, he could be asked to do his [Teaching Raid] during Oceanic peak hours.



Through the usage of this ‘Learn and Teach’ system, we hope to be able to help all interested members participate and enjoy raids in HoT.

However, for the enjoyment of all fellow members in the raid and guild, we do hope that people try to be sufficiently prepared for raids, to ensure high success rates and thus rewards (Phat Lewt™) for everyone.

This was the intention of the previously published Raid Requirements, which was also in response to what the Developers recommend in the post below.

Also, do note that we have already lowered our requirements below what was recommended by ArenaNet.


 Link to Post on Guild Forums


Written with Love,


by Akai


Recommended Raiding Requirements for HoT.


Stipulated below are the recommended requirements for raiding in HoT.

Please do note that these are in NO way hard requirements that determine your entry into the raid group, but are recommended based on what we currently know about the encounter.

Expression of Interest
– Expression of Interest through an In-Game Mail to Azoqu would be Compulsory.
– Mail Details should contain Main Class and Sub-Class that you are Proficient at and willing to play, as well as Personal Fractal Reward Level.
– Those who do not express their interest are assumed to be NOT interested in raids and given no priority in raid slots whatsoever.

Gear Requirements
– 1 Set of DPS Armor is Necessary (Minimum Exotic, Sinister or Berserker. Assassins allowed for some Classes).
– Ascended DPS Weapons are Necessary (Top Priority).
– Ascended DPS Accessories are Necessary.
– Expected to be Working Towards a Full Set of Ascended Gear.
– Proper runes and sigils are required (Be able to explain your choice).
– No other prefixes are allowed to be considered as DPS Gear unless specifically permitted (Talk to Azoqu or Akai)
– Alternate Gear Set Highly Recommended (Talk to Azoqu or Akai).

Knowledge Requirements
– Read Guide or Watch Videos on Bosses (Links Below)
– Demonstrate Knowledge of Class Skill Rotations (Contact Azoqu or Akai).
– Demonstrate Generic Knowledge of Dungeons and Fractals.
– Level 50 Personal Reward Level in Fractals is a very huge plus.
– Being Active in Dungeons and Fractals is also a huge plus.

Attitude and Interaction with Fellow Raiders
– Try to actively seek out Officers and Fellow Raiders for Fractals and Dungeons (Opportunity to Demonstrate Skill/Knowledge/Dedication).
– Be willing to learn, improve and constantly correct mistakes.
– Be visible. However being visible is not about constantly yelling in TS or chatting up the Raid Leaders, it is more about showing consistency in performance.

Voice Communication Software
– All Raiders MUST have TeamSpeak Installed, No TS = No Raid.
– The ability to listen in TS is crucial.
– Having a Microphone is optional, however it is recommended.
– Speaking is also optional.


Important Links to Videos and Guides
Raid Videos
Class and Gear Guides

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Written with Love,


by Akai