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Spread the LEET love event aftermath

After a day of gift giving and having a great time together, some LEET members were asked to reflect upon the days events and the overall success of it. “The goal of this was to have a great time during the holiday and show support to one another, and I think we did just that.” Zyrax said.

When asked, Aron said that the event “Brought a close guild even closer” and that you really “feel the care the guild has for one another”. No matter if you ever spoke to certain guild mates before, they seemed to still send you a gift, no matter how big it happened to be. It was an overall huge success. Some members went above and beyond the call of action, like Drytop. He was feeling so generous that he donated a precursor to the guild. Carcharius was the item donated, the precursor to the legendary spear Kamohoali’i Kotaki!

Vooch, the man behind the idea, had this to say: “A couple weeks ago, I came up with the SPEAD THE LEET LOVE idea, but I needed some better rules, so I got the guild involved one night and we came up with an awesome set of rules.  The intent is to give stuff to guildies that need it the most.  For newer players, it’s hard to obtain a complete set of ascended weapons and armor.  We felt this event could help them along in that regard.  The results have been very positive.  Lots of members are sending out what they can afford, and it’s been great seeing how everyone is enjoying it.”

Overall this was a great day for the guild, and a great bridge into new events. Thank you to everyone who participated and hopefully you all enjoyed it!




This is a guildies helping guildies event, where experienced members help the newbies.
(1) Give random gifts to guildmates that are Online and Representing on February 14th.
(2) Give what you can afford to lose. No minimum or maximum.
(3) You do not have to give a gift, especially if you’re a newbie.
(4) Give as many gifts as you want (eg. give out 14 gifts to 14 random guildmates, or 140 gifts to 140 guildies)!
(5) Write “Enjoy this LEET gift” in the Subject line.
(6) Need a random number? Use
(7) Do what Aron would say… “Give until it hurts!”

“We’re doing this to help newer members to the game, and of course, to spread the love around! Give to guildmates what you can afford to lose, or go bonkers and empty out your bank. The important thing is that everyone has fun. I hope everyone gets something cool!”, said The Vooch.