20141114: Guild Mission at Shrine of the Six

It started off innocently.  One guildie asked in guild chat, “What are Guild Commendations?”

From there, one became two, two became four.  Calls were made far and wide, and soon enough, the guild had more than their prerequisite twelve members ready for a Tier 1 Bounty Hunt.

“We met at Shrine of the Six (in Divinity’s Reach).  In the end, the guild couldn’t bear the task.  The bounty hunt attempts, failed… twice.”, said The Vooch.

He continued, “That’s OK.  We tried a couple times and failed – #$%^ happens!   We took our time and taught several members about Guild Bounty Hunts, and while several people got their Guild Commendations tonight (the original objective), we didn’t obtain the final objective – killing two NPCs in 15 minutes!”

The Vooch continued, “It didn’t matter.  The guild got their weekly Guild Merits several days ago, and several members simply showed up to help other members to get Guild Commendations.  Some may call it a fail, I call it a win!”.