Monthly Archives: December 2014


Guild Milestone

This week LEET had quite an impressive milestone that we accomplished. Each week as everyone knows, we do guild missions together, have a lot of fun, and earn our rewards. This time in particular, LEET was able to complete every single one of them in a week.

This amazing feat was luckily able to happen before the end of the year, thanks and great job to everyone who helped out! “May this event lead us to an even more successful up and coming year, and let LEET grow even stronger as the year progresses!” Zyrax said.

Happy new year to everyone and enjoy a well earned victory!



New Suggested Rank “Diplomat”

Recently a new proposal has emerged from the brains of LEET, the rank of “Diplomat”.

Immediately you may be asking yourself, what is this rank for/how does it work? The basics of the rank all comes down to the Diplomat working with other guilds. What this means is that the member of this rank would communicate with other guilds to set up a massive multi-guild event (ie. Triple Trouble boss run).

We would love for feedback from the guild and overall opinions, if you would like to give feedback/ask a question on this rank, contact Vooch.7298 via in game mail.


Guild Tequatl Takedown

As the time of Tequatl neared, all calls were made for taxi’s, the map quickly filled with very familiar friends. A good portion of the map was made up of LEET members as we swiftly took down Tequatl together. It was fun for all and good loot was involved.

“Having more guild members there really lit up the mood of what would have been a seemingly systematic take down,” Visica said.

Immediately afterward the guild rushed out together to meet up for the guild missions. Already in an excited mood, everyone was eager for a victorious night.


Fractal Training

On Saturday December 13th, Aron Shackleton will be hosting a training session for Fractals of the Mists. All are welcome to join him as he will take you through the basics and overall aspects of FOTM. His most important point to make was “Don’t get upset when you die, and have patience, because it is a learning process,” Aron said.

If you are interested in joining him, or need to ask him a question, send him mail in game at fivestar.7830, or message him when you see him online.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn tips and tricks along with the basics this Saturday, we’ll see you there!



New instructions on how to join our PvP Arena

With the latest patch, some changes to PvP affected the way Members can get into our PvP Arena, so here are the new instructions.

To join our PvP Arena:
1). Press the PvP (rightmost) icon in the Top Menu bar.
2). Press the “Enter PvP Lobby” button.
3). Press “Game Browser” button on the left-side menu.

4). In the “Search Owner/Name” field, type “Elite Dragon Chasers”
5). Left-click on our “Elite Dragon Chasers [LEET]” room. Sometimes it’s open to the public or closed for a tournament.